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AEP gridSMART Demonstration Project

Testing residential engagement on the smart grid

AEP gridSMART Demonstration Project

The American Electric Power (AEP), Ohio gridSMART Real-Time Pricing Demonstration engaged residential households in adapting their electricity use as a response to fluctuating 5-minute price signals. In 2013, from June 1 - September 30, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units were managed by intelligent software in homes, interacting with a real-time electricity market.

Our researchers partnered with AEP for the specification, design, development, and deployment of the demonstration. This enabled AEP, DOE, and project partners to learn from the experience of this innovative approach and engage end-use systems to the benefit of the consumer and the service provider.

With engaged residential consumers and end-use resources and incentive-based approaches, greater efficiency under normal operating conditions and greater flexibility to react under situations of system stress became a reality. The findings confirmed the correlation between a reduction of short-term energy use with price increases, and conversely, an increase in energy use with price decreases.

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