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Buildings-Grid Integration
EED in the News Feed published a story on connected lighting test beds, designed and operated by PNNL to characterize the capabilities of market-available connected lighting systems. 11.27.17

Green Tech Media quoted PNNL’s Michael Mylrea in a story on how an increasingly transactional grid is forcing the DOE to shore up electricity network defenses with blockchain technology. 10.11.17

Daily Energy Insider and GreenTech Media covered an announcement that PNNL will lead five new projects in a DOE grid modernization initiative aimed at improving distribution resiliency systems. 09.14.17

CleanTech Group mentioned PNNL in a story on transactive energy and the grid. 09.11.17

GeekWire reported on Clean Energy Testbeds discussion of the transactive campus energy project—a regional partnership between PNNL, the University of Washington and Washington State University—to demonstrate technologies and measure to how buildings and campuses can create flexibility for the electric grid. 08.19.17

Automated Buildings published an essay about PNNL’s energy management platform VOLTTRON. 08.01.17

Solar Novus Today reported that PNNL’s Nora Wang was a juror for DOE’s Solar Decatholon collegiate solar building competition. 07.25.17

GreenBiz posted a guest essay by the Rocky Mountain Institute that included PNNL’s VOLTTRON building control platform in a list of technologies that can help high-performance buildings meet their energy-efficiency goals. 07.17.19

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