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Transactional Network Project

Enabling transaction between rooftop units and the power grid

Transactional Network Project

Today's buildings do not participate significantly in the energy market or provide services to power system operators. But new smart grid technologies are creating a significant potential for this to change by providing ancillary services to power system operators. Communication networks and advanced control systems are a necessary enabler of this new potential.

With collaborators from Oak Ridge and Lawrence Berkeley national laboratories, our 2-year Transactional Network Project successfully demonstrated that cooperative decision-making is possible for buildings. Our VOLTTRON™ software platform allows communication between the grid and a building's physical devices or systems, controlling how and when those devices use electricity.

This open architecture platform enables a variety of site/equipment specific applications to be applied in a cost effective and scalable way. Energy, operational, and financial transactions are supported between rooftop units (RTUs) and the power grid, using applications that reside either on the equipment, on local building controllers, or in the cloud. This will lower the cost of entry for both existing and new service providers as the data transport or information exchange typically required for operational and energy related products and services will be ubiquitous and interoperable.

Funding: Building Technologies Office at DOE

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