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Real-time, scalable platform for transactive energy control and other applications

Our energy system is changing rapidly. Across buildings and the grid, digital technology produces new data streams that offer in-depth understanding of the system. At the same time, integration of renewable energy generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles is adding new challenges.

Data, Devices and Decisions


VOLTTRON™ can be launched from inexpensive, small-scale computers.

With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, PNNL researchers developed a software platform to address the needs of this changing energy system. VOLTTRON™ is a flexible, scalable, economical and secure solution to operate the Internet of Things. The technology and its associated applications can easily communicate with a wide range of systems, physical devices and other resources, gathering and processing data from those entities and then rapidly determining control actions that will achieve operational targets. VOLTTRON™ independently manages HVAC systems, electric vehicles, distributed energy, entire building loads and more, leading to improved operational efficiency, reduced energy use and cost savings.

Volttron developers

VOLTTRON™ developers have held annual meetings that bring together the technology's national and international users to discuss how VOLTTRON™ is being adopted, improved and re-imagined.

VOLTTRON™ has been deployed for use in multiple projects and products, and efforts to further develop, test and advance the technology continue. More information is available on the VOLTTRON™ website.

Downloading VOLTTRON

VOLTTRON™ is an open source technology. The source code has been released to the public and the research team invites you to download at GitHub.

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