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Real-time, scalable platform for transactive energy control

Our energy system is changing rapidly. Across buildings and the grid, digital technology is producing new data streams that offer in-depth understanding of the system. At the same time, integrating renewable energy generation, energy storage, and electric vehicles is adding new challenges.


Small-scale computers—such as the Raspberry Pi—can have VOLTTRON™ installed as a controller.
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With support from Department of Energy, PNNL developed a platform to support the needs of this changing energy system. VOLTTRON™ is an agent execution platform that provides services to its agents that allow them to easily communicate with physical devices and other resources. It enables mobile and stationary software agents to perform information gathering, processing, and control actions. VOLTTRON can independently manage a wide range of applications, such as HVAC systems, electric vehicles, distributed energy or entire building loads, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Learn more on the VOLTTRON website.

Downloading VOLTTRON

VOLTTRON is an open source technology. The source code has been released to the public and the research team invites you to download VOLTTRON at GitHub.

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